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      My Pleasure is = Helping your Business to Grow  & Prosper

 fergee@livingston.net     alan    936 433 9954   call or Text

These Rides are of the Best Quality / Certified Welders and Safetys

Safety Switches are install when Manufactured

If you have rides for Sale - I will list them for you - 

Email - Name of Ride  , Price , Year, Condition, etc, 

These safetys meet are Exceed USA Inspections


    Phone  or Text  936 - 433 - 9954     alan Ferguson

-- --  Below -- -- NO  - this is not a painted picture  ,  but actual picture

This Carnival Owner has Bought Several Spectular Rides from alan,, 

For Several years now,,, the rides  have been working in the USA .

 They have Proved to be Money Makers of good Quality & Reasonable Price


Below -    New  Wave Swinger Ride     Phone or Text   936-433-9954         alan                Email  fergee@livingston.net   

 More pix on left side under Wave Swinger Ride

New Balloon Ride -   Call  or Text     936 433 9954        alan

More Pix on Left side of page under Balloon Ride

Used Elephant Ride  -  New one can be Ordered  with more Flash & Lighting

Elephants raise approx. 20 feet up in the Air /  Rider Controls in each Tub 

More pix under Elepant Ride on the Left side of this page

Elephant Ride Price has been Lowered - Call me for New Price 936 433 9954

Spring    Special     STAR  FLYER      Set-UP / 2 Men - 3 Hours

   The newest specular / High in th sky / Order with  w/Deposit

    Top Rides on Carnivals / Spring Special / Place order /

   Loads on 1 Semi,   Hydulic assembly and operation

  30  Meters tall   -  for Malls and carnivals

Below   - Pirate Ship  - Order New Pirate Ship - Similiar -Options Provided

Standard lighting or LEDS


   Spectaculars ,  Majors, & Kiddie  Rides