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Carnival for sale w/route -- ask for details

Dozers / Clown Feet-1991 +24 player   -  $18,000

Fun House- Shop built  double decker  17,500

Fun House- Music Box  17,500

Derby- Bobs SpaceR., So. Body(12 pl) 90's   17,000

Game Trailer- Pace American 24' 90's  8,500

Game Trailer- Wells Cargo  5,000

Cook House- So. Body; with equip 40' 5th wh  30,000

Wacky Shack Fun House - 1989,40'trl., 65frt.  27,000

Game Trailer - Wells Cargo 20'        3,500

Dozers   - SO -Style  18' - 20 Players    12,500

High Striker  (3)         2,000